Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Predictions: Cheetah Style

Hello Hive! Oh, how I've missed you! Soon I'll be back with some last minute projects and of course recaps, because, well, I got married a few weeks ago! But before I get back to the Cheetah Wedding, I had to pop in to give my Royal Wedding Predictions, or RWP, for all you acronym lovers out there. Oh, lets make that CRWP (Cheetah's Royal Wedding Predictions, of course!).

The Dress

I will be one of the crazies up at 3am staring at my TV while wearing a fun hat, just waiting to see the Princess Bride's gown. Who's with me? And who's bringing the scones?

I picture Kate's dress being ivory, elegant, and regal. It will be made of rich stain, with lace details and perhaps a bit of beading here and there. Her dress will be classic and full, much like Grace Kelly and Ivanka Trump.

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The Jewels & Accessories

We already know the bride will be rocking her beautiful engagement ring as her something blue. To complete her bridal bling she'll add large diamond drop earrings and a simple bracelet. As a Princess Bride she is pretty much required to wear a tiara so she'll just send someone over to the Tower of London to pick something up for the big day. Kate will have a long, long veil (25-30 feet, or should I say about 8 meters?) that will mimic some of the lace details on the dress. Her shoes will be classic ivory heels with a little sparkle.

Perfect Details

The Ceremony

The ceremony will be about a hour long and traditional (they don't even get to kiss until afterward the ceremony!). At least we will have some great people and hat watching to keep us entertained during the long ceremony!

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The Cake

Or should I say cakes? There will be 2 cakes (at least), both over 6 feet tall. One will have 15 tiers, the other will have 14 tiers to equal their wedding date, 29. One will be white and have finely piped romantic, swirling details, the other will be dark chocolate adorned with fruit.

The Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids will be dressed long soft dresses in a soft romantic color like pale pink, deep cream or peach. I also can see Kate's ladies in deep blue to reflect her gorgeous sapphire ring.

The Groom & Groomsmen

William and his men will be in their military finest.

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First Dance Song

This one is easy: Spice Girls - 2 Become 1

The Prominent Theme

Romance, luxury, and timeless elegance.

The Color Scheme

Ivory will be the dominant color, but it will be accented with soft romantic pastels like blush, peach, and powder blue (royal blue may also make an appearance).

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The Flowers

Flowers will be everywhere, starting with Kate's lush and large ivory bouquet. Her bridesmaids will have similar, but much smaller bouquets. Roses and lilies will be the most prominent flowers and they will adorn every surface at Westminster Abbey and the reception sites.

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I'll see you all bright and early on Friday for the big event! Don't forget your hats!