Sunday, February 20, 2011

All the Pretty Flowers

The Cheetah wedding is almost here and I just realized I haven't written one post about our florals yet!

Since I come from a long line of women who love flowers, it was always clear that we would have fresh flower centerpieces and bouquets for our wedding. We set up meetings with four florists on a big planning trip to Palm Springs. One wouldn't show us any pictures or samples (for reals), one had a different aesthetic than us, one was very talented--but took months to get us a proposal--that was twice our budget, and one was just right. It turns out that the first florist we met with was the perfect fit. He immediately got the pink, white, and yellow modern romantic look we're envisioning.

As we are having three long tables and a family style dinner, there isn't a lot of room left so centerpieces will be minimal and scattered.

Not only am I super excited about how great the simple design will look, it also frees up more room in the flower budget for my absolute favorite wedding florals: bouquets!

Oh man, I'm so pumped for my bouquet.

I gave our florist a bunch of images of bouquets I love (including those above) and I trust him to make something wonderful. Likely flowers include: roses, peonies, ranunculus, billy buttons, anemones and more!

Are you having fresh flowers at your wedding?

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