Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wedding Locks

I'm pretty easy to please with formal hairstyles. I think I'm just so bad at doing my own hair that anything a stylist does looks like a masterpiece next to my everyday styling (or lack thereof). Even so I brought in a bunch of inspiration photos for my hair trial last month. While my inspirations styles were all over the hair-style map, the one thing they had in common was that they were all up-dos. I like wearing my hair down, but after a few hours I get sick of it and soon it's in a pony tail or weird bun-knot-thing on the top of my head. Plus, I feel fancier with my hair styled in an up-do and I want to feel like Ms. Fancy-Pants-Bride come the wedding day.

Since I'll be wearing two veils throughout the day, my stylist and I decided that a low asymmetrical style was in order. Here's what it looked like right after the appointment:

It's hard trying to take photos of the back of your own head

After the trial I went home to contemplate my hairstyle in the mirror:

Overall I'm really happy with the style. For the wedding day we will add in some extensions for a lot more volume (my poor fine hair) and move the chignon (Is that what it is? I have no idea.) forward a bit more, which I think will look fantastic.

Are you having a hair trail? Are you easy to please like me, or do you know exactly what you want for your hair?

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