Monday, February 7, 2011

Toss Me

After the vows, after the food, after the speeches and dancing there will be no grand exit. We newly wedded Cheetahs will likely be the last to leave our wedding reception, either to retire to our hotel room, or to hit the bars with a number of our guests. While we won't be leaving our wedding in any kind of grand exit, we still want that moment of walking through our cheering guests as they merrily toss or wave a little something at us. So like many before us, we are moving the "grand exit" moment to our ceremony recessional. Now we just have the choose that little something for our guests to shower (or wave or blow or wiggle, etc...) at us.


It's so pretty and romantic! We are already having a petal scattered aisle, so I think a petal toss at the end of the ceremony might be petal-overload.


Birdseed is a stand-in for the traditional rice. It seems like it'd be fun to throw...and not so fun to pick out of your hair (and perhaps even cleavage...)


Hello adorable! Not as likely to get caught in my fancy up-do, but they do seem a bit heavy and clunky.


A classic tossing item, and I'm partial to large circular confetti. Though sometimes I think it might be a tad boring? Perhaps our wedding colors and some heart shapes can make it more fun?


As you can see, bubbles look great in pictures and they can be so fun for the kiddies, but I'm paranoid about the soap residue.


I'm totally on board with wedding flags! Although you have to work out where to store them during the ceremony (perhaps on the seats or in buckets near the seats?), and it would be another project to take on. I'm sure the few kids at our wedding would love them, but I also worry that they may love them too much, and wave them throughout the entire ceremony and/or use them as a weapon--because that's what I would've done as a kid.

Ribbon Wands

These fun wands are another wedding trend I'm keen on. Yet I have the same worries with these that I do with the flags.


Love! It won't be dark enough at the end of our ceremony, however, so sparklers are out.

Right now we are deciding between the confetti, flags, ribbon wands, and poms. I think I'm leaning towards the confetti. We could customize it and package it in cute tiny bags--and it will make for some great photos!

Are you having any kind of grand exit at your wedding?

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