Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Spend the Night Together

Mr. Cheetah and I have lived together for years, but we still had a little debate about whether we'd be spending the night together before the wedding.

On one hand, it would be fun to spend our last legally single night apart. We would say goodnight after the rehearsal dinner and not see each other until we're all dolled up in our spiffy wedding garb at our first look. Perhaps I could even have a little slumber party with a couple of my bridesmaids, or I could spend the night by myself, relishing in a little alone time before all the wedding craziness. Spending the pre-wedding night apart might also up the romance and suspense of the next day.

On the other hand, why would we want to spend this special night apart? I'd love to spend our last single night together, in our sweet (or suite!) hotel room. We'll be arriving the Thursday before the wedding, and it'd be easier not to have one of us have to switch rooms just for one night. Plus, I think I'll sleep better if we are both together, just like normal. If anything exciting and/or nerve wracking is is happening the next day, I have a hard time sleeping. I was so excited I even had trouble falling asleep before my first big wedding dress shopping excursion, so I fully except some pre-wedding tossing and turning. Having Mr. Cheetah curled up in bed next to me would help keep me from counting sheep until the wee hours.

When Mr. Cheetah and I first started talking about where we should each sleep the night before we get hitched we were on different pages. I wanted to spend it together, he wanted to spend it apart. Fast forward a couple months, and Mr. Cheetah is now on my page. He too thinks he'll get a better night's rest next to his future bride :)

Are you and your betrothed spending the night before the wedding separately or apart?

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