Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Color Me Bad(d)

Which one did you have a crush on?

I’m an artist, I deal with colors all the time. In fact color is a hugely important aspect of a lot of my work. So why am I crazy struggling with our wedding palette!?!?

A room at The Viceroy

The Viceroy has a very defined color palette of black, white & yellow. It looks fantastic and I definitely want to work with it—but I also definitely want to add to it. My first thought was pink. All sorts of pinks look great with the Viceroy Palette and I’ve always pictured myself with a pink bouquet. So I pictured black, white, yellow, soft rose, & bright raspberry. I also wanted a more neutral color to work with, so I threw in grey.

personal image

My first color palette. And I like it. But I just can’t commit. Some days I think about throwing out the pinks and putting in orange. Or going citrus on it with orange and lime. But most the time I just think about adding a color to the above palette. Aqua. Coral. Or maybe Charcoal.

personal image

Here's a gorgeous wedding with a similar palette to my first idea:

I love this inspiration board with pink, yellow & aqua. An addition of black and white would add a touch of elegance, I think.

Coral can look great with pinks & yellows too:

Sometimes I like the more neutral tones of grey:

It’s getting down to the wire for me to pick bridesmaid dresses and start planning the invitations, so I want to have this figured out sooner rather than later. So Hive, which color palette do you like best?

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