Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inviting the Party

The bridal party that is! Having been a bridesmaid a few times before I know what a commitment it can be, so I wanted to do something special to ask my lovely ladies. As a long time lover of weddings, I was always thinking up ideas, even before we had decided to get married. My first thought was sending each future bridesmaid flowers—but with 7 bridesmaids (and a Jr. Maid), that quickly adds up. My 2nd idea was getting them all a wedding themed DVD (27 Dresses, or The Wedding Singer, perhaps) with a cute little card… but I was worried that many of my ladies already had (or didn’t want) those movies. I also thought about sending them a cute bridesmaid book, like this. But then I found the perfect item while shopping at Miette in San Francisco (if you live nearby please visit, and have a macaron for me... yummmm).

candy mini bouquet!

6-7 all in a bunch

They are little candy-covered chocolates arranged like mini bouquets! They were perfect! And it was only about year before we even decided to get married! So I made a mental note. About a year later, right after the engagement, we went to visit the fiancĂ©’s family in Sacramento and we all took a day trip to San Francisco. And I had a plan. Get to Miette and buy 7-8 of these bad boys! Mission Accomplished!

And now to the fun part, packaging them up all cute and the DIY “Will you be my Bridesmaid” cards. I knew I wanted the cards to be cute, but also silly (just like me—ha!). I found a great vintage image of a bride and a bridesmaid that I cut out in an oval and then ran through my brand new Xyron. I attached it to the front of a card (from Papersource).

On the inside, one side had that same vintage image—but now I had Photoshop-ed our heads in, replacing the heads of the bride and ‘maid. On the other side I asked the important question, Will you be my Bridesmaid? Each card was personalized for each bridesmaid.

Next I tied the candy bouquet to each card (now in an ivory envelope) with a bit of tulle ribbon.

I filled a decorative cupcake box (from the Container Store) with some shredded paper. I placed the candy & card inside and tied the whole thing up with some more tulle and a little gift tag with each woman’s name.

ready for my ladies!

Since all my BMs live out of town, my plan was to mail them each the little package, but as it turns out, I was going see 5 of them in the next couple months, so I only had to mail 2. Everyone said yes! Here we all are! The Cheetah Girls!

Me, MOH Sister (my sis!), BM Skates (high school friend), BM Mrs. P (college roommate and grew up with the fiancé), BM WD40 (college roommate), BM GF (college friend), BM Buenos Aires (family friend), BM Sassy (cousin)

Are you having a bridal Party—how did you ask them?

*all personal photos*

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