Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going Back to the Beginning

Or how we first met. You heard a bit about how we met in my first post, now you get the full story. Like a lot of couples we met at college. Like a lot of couples we were friends first.

Mr. Cheetah and I first met the very first day of undergrad. Turns out he went to high school with one of my new roommates, Mrs. P (now a bridesmaid). That first night Mrs. P gathered some of her new roommates (there were 6 of us living in a 3 bedroom dorm room suite) and some of her old high school friends that also went to the same college and together we all explored our new surroundings, Isla Vista. IV is the packed little college town of our Alma Mater, UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!). I remember guys on their balconies yelling out “freshman!” at us and thinking, “how do they know?” ;)

Pretty soon we were all friends. The fiancé had a GF back then and pretty soon I had a BF. By junior year the fiancé and I had grown even closer and he was one of my best friends. The fiancé was now single, I was still with my BF, but things were rocky and I had decided to end it. The fiancé and I were growing closer and closer and we spent almost all our free time together.

And then one night he kissed me. And that was it. I had no idea what I had been feeling for him until that kiss.

A photo from the early days
*personal photo

We’ve been together ever since.

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