Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Date to Save

Okay, now that people are starting to get the Save the Dates (don’t worry, post to come shortly!), I thought I should give you some idea about when this wedding is happening. Even after we had decided on where to have the wedding we weren’t sure of when. This is what we did know: I wanted at least 6 months to plan (and get a dress!), and neither of us wanted a long engagement (less than a year). So after we took our schedules and the schedules of our parents & wedding party into consideration we were left with 2 months: December 2010 and March 2011. Then my dad vetoed December—too close to holidays. The Viceroy had two dates left open in March—and I was so afraid I was going to pick the wrong one! Come on, Pink Lemonade, they’re just 7 days apart, get a hold of yourself! So I picked my favorite number and then it was real. After a 9-page contract, this wedding was on like Donkey Kong!

Did you have trouble picking a date?

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