Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jr Bridesmaid, Come on Down!

So now you know how I asked most of my bridal party, but I had one lady left. My cousin "Kales". She is 15 so she is sort of in limbo between junior bridesmaid and bridesmaid. While she isn’t old enough to have a lot of the responsibilities of my other bridesmaids, she will be dressed the same and stand up there beside me with all my other ‘maids (7!).

Although BM Kales lives 2,000 miles away I was lucky enough to see her shortly after the engagement. I wanted to invite her to be a part of my wedding party in a similar way as the other BMs.

While looking for vintage Palm Springs images (a new fave pastime of mine), I found it. A cover of a Betty & Veronica comic book called “Palm Springs Weekend.” After some adjustments in Photoshop, I had the front of the card down:

If you look closely you can see “my” character says: “Palm Springs is the Tops! I meant to ask you…” And “Kales” responds: “What is it, cousin?”

And the card interior:

I attached the card to a candy bouquet, just as I had done with my other ‘maids.

She accepted! My bridal party was complete!

Here’s a picture of a bunch of us:

Little Bro, MOH Sis, BM Kales, Baby Bro, Mr. Cheetah, Me

*all personal photos*

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