Monday, September 20, 2010

Decision Time: The Venue

It’s not uncommon for me to be indecisive, so it’s no wonder making the final decision on the venue almost made me pull my hair out (I didn’t though because I’m pretty sure I’m going want that hair come the wedding day).

While Mr. Cheetah and I love both Chicago & LA with all our hearts, we decided we were looking for a destination wedding type vibe, so we happily decided to focus on Palm Springs. To refresh your memory, we had it narrowed down to 3 incredible venues in Palm Springs.

1. The Viceroy

2. Ace Hotel

3. The Colony Palms

See? How on earth were we to decide? Plus all 3 venues have amazing event managers. So we wrote out a 30-item list and ranked each one. And guess what? It was a tie. Seriously. A three way tie. The Viceroy was gorgeous. Ace had a great funky vibe that we loved. The Colony Palms was classic and flavorful. The biggest cons: The Viceroy would be a tad pricier for hotel rooms. Ace’s ceremony site was seriously lacking. One of The Colony Palms biggest pros was also its biggest con: we had to rent out the entire hotel—which could be amazingly fun—or amazingly expensive if we didn’t fill it up.

One day Mr. Cheetah and I were discussing the venue (again) and he said this: “Every time I picture marrying you it’s at the Viceroy.”

He was right. The Viceroy was one of the main reasons we even started looking into Palm Springs. We loved everything about it. Plus it was the top pick of our parents and friends. The Viceroy it is!

above Viceroy pics from here

Ah, isn’t it the sweetness? I’m a lucky bride. Sigh.

P.S. I’d highly recommend ANY of the above venues.

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