Tuesday, December 7, 2010

16 Tips for an Out of Town Bachelorette

1. Gather your kick-ass bridesmaids:

GF, MOH Sister Cheetah, me, WD40, Mrs. Peabody (& growing baby Peabody)

2. Rent a swanky pad:

3. Pack light (unlike some people *cough cough* Mrs. Peabody):

The Behemoth

4. Check out some of the town’s attractions:

Austin, Texas!!!

5. Eat!

6. Drink!

Why, yes, that is a twizzler straw.

7. And drink some more:

8. Get a picture with a fabulous moustache:

9. Carry along photos of the bridesmaids that couldn’t be there:

10. When your bridesmaids play the DVD slideshow they made you (with pics of you and your betrothed throughout the years), manage to hold back the tears.

The TV about to play my sweet bachelorette slideshow

11. When your bridesmaids gift you a mix CD of songs that remind them of you—each with a little note/quote/inside joke explaining their song choice, lose the battle of fighting back tears.

Sister Cheetah made this awesome booklet to accompany the CD! Each page has the dedicator’s silhouette, song, and a note (my bridesmaids and some other friends and family contributed).

12. When bowling, make sure to wear a tight dress, it will give you a super high bowling score. Like 4 or 5 digits (I think my final score was 90210).

13. When singing karaoke and a song comes on that you are not familiar with, take the opportunity to drunkenly sing-talk the story of when you first met each and every one of your bridesmaids. Trust me, this will be their favorite part of the weekend.

Name the song!

14. When finding a cab home after the bars close turns out to be difficult, follow a bridesmaid’s cousin’s friend to another friend’s house (did you follow all that?) to wait for the cab inside where it’s warm. Keep in mind that your cab will take an hour or so to arrive. But don’t worry about the late cab, you will be entertained with said cousin & friends “comedy hour," and taking silly photos with your new friends.

15. Have your MOH practice her speech mad-libs style:

MOH Sister Cheetah practicing her speech with her coach, WD40's cousin.

16. Meet new friends:

Recognize any of these lovely ladies?

Many, many thanks to MOH Sister Cheetah and my other fantastic bridesmaids for planning such an awesome bachelorette! The Cheetah Girls rock! And many thanks to the Hive as well! Your comments on this post helped MOH Sister Cheetah plan the weekend!

All personal photos

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