Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Addressing Our Guests

Do you hear that?

Is that the sound of wedding fairies singing?

Because I finally have an invitation design! I still need to add the finishing touches and get it to the printers ASAP but at least now I have a plan.

Now that the design plan is in place, I've been thinking up ways to address these bad boys.

Option 1: Calligraphy

I have a thing for slanted formal calligraphy. Too bad my handwriting mimics that of a 10 year old and there isn't room in the invitation budget for a pro.

Option 2: DIY or Faux Calligraphy

I don't have the courage to teach myself calligraphy, but many a bee have outlined how to fake your way to gorgeous calligraphy by first printing the addresses from your printer, then going over them with ink.

Option 3: Home Printer

Hardcore traditionalists will tell you that the only proper way to address a wedding invitation is to hand write it, but I'm not buying it. I've received many invitations that were printed via a home printer and they looked great. With all the great fonts out there, this can be a cheap, easy, and stylish option.

Option 4: Wraparound Labels

I love the way the wraparound labels on our Save the Dates turned out, but I think I may be looking for something different for our invitation suiteor as I like to call it, our invitation sweet!

personal image

Option 5: Mailing Labels

Simple square or rectangular mailing labels look great on envelopes of all shapes and sizes.

Circular labels, paired with handwritten or home-printed addresses are high on my list. Mrs. Seashell made up some amazing round labels when she ran out of her gorgeous wraparound labels.

Or I could go the route of Miss Panther, and use an awesome custom shape to address the invites.

Am I missing any other addressing options? How did you address your invitations?

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