Sunday, December 12, 2010

Topping it Off

Mr. Cheetah wants to know absolutely nothing about my wedding day look, so I have to take extra precautions…okay, is he gone?

Good, now let's talk veils. I won't be changing into a second reception dress, but I will have a reception veil. Or two. I admit it, I have veil fever. And the only thing that will cure it is more cowbell tulle!

When trying on dresses I fell in love with veils, particularly cathedral length veils. Even before I found my dress I had decided that I would be wearing a cathedral length veil. They are gorgeous, romantic, and oh so bridal. However they are also super duper long and difficult to move around in, so I'll only be wearing it for the ceremony and perhaps photos. Since I adore the look and feel of veils, I want that feeling to last through the reception. So, a second (smaller) veil I shall have!

I just bought this beauty and it should be in my veil hungry hands in a month, just in time for my first fitting. I'm head over heels for for it, but I am concerned it might still be too much headgear for the original plan was a simple tulle birdcage, but I saw this and had to have it:

If that turns out that I love the veil but it's still too much for dinner and dancing, I may just wear it for the first look and try to find something smaller. Which would bring me up to three total veils. Wow. At least I only have one dress, right?

Anyone else have veil fever?

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