Thursday, December 16, 2010

Make It vs. Buy It

Mr. Cheetah, are you there?


Good. Now back to the veil discussion.

As I mentioned the other day, I'm in love with long veils and I plan on wearing one during my ceremony. I tried on a drop dead gorgeous one when I bought my dress. It was cut slightly different then most of the cathedral veils I've seen, I believe my consultant called it a Rectangle Cut. But it was $400. For two unadorned pieces of tulle—albeit long and pretty pieces of tulle. I know veils can reach much higher than $400, but since I want multiple veils $400 seemed a little steep. But I wasn't worried. Hey, I can sew a little, why not just make my own? Sewing, Beagle, Cola, and Perfume did it, so maybe I should give it a try.

Then I learned about by Occansey Designs here in the Hive. OBridal custom makes veils to your specifications often for much cheaper than bridal salons. They even make rectangular cut veils!

Making my own veil has been my plans for months. But I'm nervous. I have sewn, but I've never made a veil before, and 2 tiers of 100+ inches of tulle seems a bit intimidating. I feel like I could do a decent job...but perhaps OBridal could do an awesome job?

Pros of making it
  • It's cool to make things!
  • It'll be cheaper (estimated at $24-50 to make, $70-90 to buy)
Pros of buying it
  • It's so easy and will take only a couple minutes vs. a few hours of work & planning
  • I won't have to worry about Mr. Cheetah seeing me make it
  • I can't screw it up (I hope)
I've noticed as it gets closer to my wedding date, I'm having the make it vs. buy it debate quite often.

So, what should I do, hive?
Make it
Buy it

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