Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Call

Yesterday I got the call.

The call was from my bridal shop. My dress is in—and a few weeks early! I won’t have my first fitting until after the New Year, but my consultant said I could drop by to see the dress whenever I want (insert giddy jumping here).

Now don’t go looking through my old posts searching for a picture of my dress—you won’t find one. I’m a dress tease. I’m sorry hive, I love you truly, madly, deeply, but no one is seeing my dress until the wedding day. Mr. Cheetah is adamant that he knows absolutely nothing of my wedding day look beforehand—and I want my guests to be surprised too. I can’t take the risk of revealing my dress to the interwebs just yet. You’ll just have to wait until after March to see my dress in all its glory. Oh, and I promise that it is glorious.

Since I am a big ol’ blogging meanie who isn‘t showing you pictures of my dress I’m going to give you some photos of some other awesome wedding dresses to appease any wedding dress cravings.

How secretive are you about your wedding dress?

*PS I may or may not have a bridesmaid who made out with one The Backstreet Boys.

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