Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Controlling the Bride

After I bought my dressy-dress, I had one very important question for my bridal consultant: what kind of undies should I wear with this thing? She said I should wait for my fittings to see if I needed a bra, or if I should just have cups sewn into my dress. And then she suggested some kind of Spanx, just to make sure I'm as smooth as Bublé on the wedding day.

I have never worn Spanx before so I have a couple concerns. Do they work? Are they comfortable to wear all day? And, um, going to the bathroom...is there really a hole for that? Do you really use it?

With my first fitting early in the New Year (What? How is 2010 ending already?) it's time to start testing out some possible under-things. Armed with a 25% off + free shipping coupon I just ordered these three options to try out from Bare Necessities:

Any advice for a Spanx newbie? Is there some great Spanx-like product that I should know about? Bridesmaid WD40 told me Target has some inexpensive Spanx-like options, so I plan to check those out soon too.

What kind of undergarments are you wearing under your gown?

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