Monday, December 13, 2010

Dessert in the Desert

This weekend Mr. Cheetah and I took a day trip out to the desert to taste desserts. (And to all the people in cooler climates: it was 80˚ and a beautiful day. Yeah, I'm rubbing it in.)

The cake vs. cupcake debate is still on, but we are heavily leaning towards cupcakes. They are cheaper, and they just make sense for our venue. Dinner is outside, but dancing will be inside. The plan is to strategically place the dessert table inside near the dance floor to lure people to dance (though I suspect many of our guests will need no such luring). Since dessert will be served away from the dinner tables and cupcakes don't require a plate & fork, they seem perfect for our wedding. Plus, no cake cutting fee!

Mr. Cheetah and I had tested out one cupcake shop on a previous Palm Springs trip and we weren't too impressed (good flavors, but very dry cake), so we were hoping that at least one of our two tastings would have our taste buds partying in the USA. Yes, I just linked to a Miley Cyrus video, bet you didn't see that coming.

First up: Over the Rainbow Cupcakes:

Come to Momma

Let's take a closer look at these sweet babies:

Clockwise from the top: Coconut, Chocolate Cherry Cola, Red Velvet, & Dark Chocolate Grand Orange.

The coconut was the best coconut cupcake the Cheetahs have ever had—and we are no strangers to coconut cupcakes. The red velvet also got two thumbs up. The only con of these cupcakes was that they were quite filling and a tad on the heavy side. Then again we did eat four in one sitting...

Up next: The Pastry Swan:

Mr. Cheetah and I recently attended a wedding where Pastry Swan baked the cake and it was lick-your-plate fabulous. Moist yellow cake and apricot filling...I want some now.

Vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cakes with mango, raspberry, chocolate fudge, lemon, strawberry, and blueberry cheesecake fillings.

The chocolate cake was my fave, Mr. Cheetah preferred the red velvet.

The mango filling was crazy delicious, but overall, we liked the cake at our friends' wedding better than the tasting—which we actually took as a pretty good sign.

There is one last Palm Springs bakery we want to try, but we'd be happy with dessert from either of these two bakers for the wedding. Both can make cakes and cupcakes, so no matter our final decision, we are covered.

How many cakes tasting did you attend?

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