Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lemon Drops

When your color palette gives you lemon yellow, make lemon-decor!

Lemon yellow is one of our colors, and using actual lemons might be the perfect way to get that yellow pop of color.

While I like to pretend I'm some sort of wedding planning wunderkind, I'm obviously not the first person to think of using citrus as decor. Yet I'm glad this has been done before because now there are gorgeous inspiration images to drool over!

Lemon centerpieces:

Lemon centerpieces can double as table numbers:

Awesome lemon escort cards and table settings:

Citrus cake trimming:

Lemon aisle decor:

And my favorite, lemons in tasty and adorable alcoholic beverages:

We are going to have a signature cocktail (or two!) at our reception, and I want one to be lemon flavored and topped with an adorable lemon garnish. I'm thinking Lemon Drops, but that's largely because it's the only lemon cocktail that I'm familiar with (lemon, sugar and vodkayes, please!).

Do you know of any other yummy lemon cocktail recipes?

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