Monday, December 6, 2010

The Band Wagon

Before Mr. Cheetah & I decided to get hitched, I had a crush. I was crushing bad on this ring:

Soon after our engagement was on, I saw my chance to pick up this little beauty as my wedding band. The ring is no longer available online, but lucky for me Tiffany's was able to ship the ring to one of their LA stores. I visited the store to try that baby on...and it was pretty. But it didn't rock my pants off. Sort of like red velvet cake without the cream cheese frosting. Good, but not OMGAWESOME.

So after deciding against the ring I started wondering if I needed a wedding band at all. It was my desire to have that ring, not just a wedding band, that lead me to consider it in the first place.

So, in true Cheetah fashion, I began to over-analyze this decision.

Wedding Band Cons
  • The cost.
  • We don't need it. (I would be fine wearing just my engagement ring)
  • I'm not a huge fan of the way my e-ring looks with a band. I adore my e-ring, and I feel like adding a band looks a little crowded and off (see images below). If I get a wedding ring, I'll likely just wear it separately.

Using the back of other rings as stand in wedding bands. Not horrible... but not a look I want to rock everyday.

Wedding Band Pros
  • A symbol & memento of the wedding and marriage.
  • Exchanging the rings during the ceremony.
  • Mr. Cheetah wants a wedding ring.
  • So pretty!
Mr. Cheetah has never worn jewelry of any kind, but is very excited about getting a wedding band. He is really excited to have a visual symbol of our marriage with him everyday—and his enthusiasm is contagious. Mr. Cheetah's wedding band excitement has rubbed off on me as well and it looks like these two Cheetahs will be banded together.

Do you (or will you) and your betrothed wear wedding bands?

all personal photos except where noted

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