Monday, January 24, 2011

Bringing the Rings

We're not having kids in the wedding party which means we won't have a ring bearer. So we need to figure out another way to get those wedding bands to the altar.

Of course our Bestman and/or Maid of Honor could carry the rings with them but I thought this could be a great opportunity to honor another two great people in our lives: Our Grandmas!

Meeting Grandma Cheetah for the first time

Mr. Cheetah with his 97 year old grandma!

Mr. Cheetah and I are lucky to each have a grandma in attendance for our wedding. My grandma will carry Mr. Cheetah's band down the aisle, while his grandma will carry my wedding ring.

There are so many fun alternatives for ring holders (really, Ms. Cheetah, you couldn't come up with anything better than "ring holders"?), but I think our grandmothers might be most comfortable with the traditional pillow. I plan on crafting a couple of coordinating ring pillows soon and here are a few designs I'm digging for inspiration:

How are you getting your wedding bands down the aisle?

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