Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Girl Who Cried Earrings

Now that Mr. Cheetah is long gone we can talk about a little problem I have.

I can't stop buying earrings for the wedding.

When purchasing my dress I decided that my only jewelry would be a bracelet and earrings. I already knew exactly what I wanted for my bridal bracelet and I'm having one custom made (can't wait to show the hive once it's done!), but my earrings...Well that's a whole other story. I'm not exactly sure what I want and as a result I've already bought five pairs. And I may not be not done.

If only I had 5 weddings. Or 10 ears.

These from Ann Taylor were the very first pair I purchased while out holiday shopping. I love the shape and all the sparkles, but as the rest of my bridal look started to take shape, the less these earrings seem to work.

Next I spotted these stunners by Kenneth Jay Lane in a Gilt sale.

I was a little nervous since they were final sale, but since I had store credit from a prior return I bit the bullet and clicked "buy." These earrings are awesome, but when I brought them with me for my first dress fitting it became clear that they were too big. I love me some big jewelry, but my bridal look seems to call for something more demure. Not studs, but definitely not big.

So armed with a Nordstrom Gift card I went back on the earring prowl, this time searching for something smaller. I came home with the next three pairs:

Clusters by Tarnish:

Round small dangles, also by Tarnish:

Delicate dangles by Nadri:

I'm going to bring these three pairs to my next fitting, and return any that don't make the cut.

I'm still not convinced I have found my wedding earrings, so I remain on the hunt. I recently found these beauties, and I think they'd look great on my wedding day--but they are clip-ons and I really rather have pierced earrings.

Here are a few more I'm thinking about picking up to test out at my next fitting:

See, I have a problem.

Which earrings are your favorite? Did you have any problems narrowing down your bridal accessories?

all personal photos except where noted

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  1. Have you chosen one yet? I think the KJLs are the most red carpet and I also think earrings have two dimensions - physical size and presence. The KJLs are big on both counts.

    If you're wearing your hair down you'll need a physically longer earring as it'll be about 4cm needed to hang out of say an average bob cut.

    If you're having an up-do then you could go short but choose something with more presence than a stud. Also consider if you are wearing a veil. Don't choose earrings that could snag easily if it'll fall over your ears. Practical I know, but thinking about it in advance is better than looking like a netted tuna at the altar...

    I like the Swarovski clips and the one straight under it. I hope the tip about hair/veil helps - that's what most women fail to account for in my experience.