Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Sweat

I am not a particularly sweaty person by nature, but every now and then and often out of nowhere, I get a bad case of the sweats. I'm talking needing to blow dry your underarms with a hair dryer sweats. It's more likely to happen when I'm nervous or excited, but it can happen for no reason at all. I only get the crazy sweats a couple times a year, so normally it's not a problem...but I really want to make sure that the wedding isn't one of those times.

I recently bought this antiperspirant, which is supposed to keep your underarms dry for up to 72 hours! You are supposed to apply it at bedtime, which I keep forgetting to do, so I have yet to try it out.

I've also heard of something called Sweat Block, which is a moistened pad you dab in your underarms that is supposed to block your sweat glands for an entire week! I don't know how I feel about blocking my sweat glands long-term, but for special events (like a wedding!) it might be worth trying.

Does anyone else get the random sweats? How do you control it?

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