Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On Trend

When you read as many wedding blogs and magazines as I do (I know I'm not the only wedding p*rn addict out there), you become pretty aware of all the current wedding trends. I'm not one to blindly follow a trend just to be "in", but I'm also not one to shy away from a trend just because it's, well, trendy. So which trends are "in" and which ones are "out" for the Cheetah wedding?

The Photo Booth

Probably out. I love photo booths, I do. I've only been to one wedding that had one and it was a ton of fun. But I have no idea where we'd put it and there is the extra cost/project to consider as well. I'm also worried that there would be a line and it would take people off the dance floor. And these Cheetahs want a dance party.

Colored Bridal Shoes

Out. I considered colored shoes to go with my dress, but then decided on some lovely ivory t-straps instead. There will be some brightly hued shoes in the wedding though, the Cheetah girls will be donning bright pink shoes with their awesome grey dresses!


In! While wedding cakes can be spectacular, we recently decided that cupcakes are the way to go for our wedding.

Sweets Table

All signs points to in! We still need to discuss this with our DOC and venue, but we're planning on having some other desserts and candy surrounding the cupcake tower.

Sweetheart Table

Out. We're having three long tables at our wedding, and we'll be smack dab in the middle of it all!

Non-Number Table Numbers

To be determined. We love the idea of naming the tables after streets in our hometown or buildings at UCSB (where we met at undergrad), but we may just go with simple numbers to make it easy on us and the guests.


No clue. We'll see where my last minute DIY takes me...

Wedding Signage

Out. Great idea, but there really isn't anywhere for it to go in our venue.

Flip Flop Basket

Out. I'm not a flip flop person myself (I hate that thing between my toes), and I figure that plenty of our guests will be staying at the hotel so if their feet are aching, they can just grab another pair of shoes from their room.

Fun Socks

Out. I love this trend, but Mr. Cheetah and I decided that the fun sock ultimately didn't go with the sleek modern look we're shooting for.

Grooms & Guys in Converse

Out. For the same reasons as the socks.


In. But real ones. Hey--my family is from Chicago, my uncles were ahead of the trend on this one.

What wedding trends are you including? Omitting?

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