Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mr. Cheetah Suits Up!

After I had my gown, it was time to dress my groom. Since we aren't going the casual (button down and jeans), vintage (suspenders and tweed), or themed (knight in full armor riding in a white horse) route, we have two basic options: Tuxedo or Suit.

The suit won out pretty quickly. Neither of us are fans of rental tuxes, and a tux seemed a tad too formal for our outdoor desert wedding anyway. Plus, Mr. Cheetah has been itching for an excuse to invest in a snazzy suit. We both agreed on the overall look: black and slim fitting (why, oh, why do so many suits look so huge and boxy??).

We hit up the post-Thanksgiving sales in search for the perfect black suit, not really expecting to find anything. But when Mr. Cheetah slipped on a slim-fitting Theory suit over his strong, manly shoulders (hey, Mr. Cheetah reads the blogI need to make sure his ego is good & healthy ;). And he does have nice shoulders. ) we knew we had a winner. It was exactly what we were looking for and Mr. Cheetah could not stop raving about how good the fit was. We even spent a couple hours checking out other shops in the mall to see if there was anything better. Nothing even came close, so we headed back to Bloomingdale's to pick up Mr. Cheetah's wedding day suit.

personal photo

I looooove the way Mr. Cheetah looks in his wedding suit! I wish I had a better picture to show youbut I'm sure we'll get plenty of great pics at the wedding!

Where do you stand on the Tux vs. Suit debate?

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