Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Like most brides and grooms I knew to set up a couple hotel room blocks at discount, but I was happy to discover that you can set up group discounts for air travel as well. Since we're having a semi-destination wedding and a large portion of our guests will be traveling to Palm Springs by plane we're quick to jump on board anything that makes getting to the Cheetah wedding easier on our guests.

There are two basic ways to set up a discount travel: 1) Group travel from one originating city to the final destination, often on the same flight, and 2) travel from many different originating airports to the final destination. As our guests would be traveling from different cities and on different days, we were looking for airlines that would offer option 2.

Only a handful of airlines fly to Palm Springs, so I contacted them all in hopes of setting up a discount for our guests. Luckily both American and Alaskan Airlines were able to set up small discounts (5% and 7% off) for any of our guests flying their airlines to Palm Springs. Both airlines required a short contract and had a minimum number of passengers (10-15) to set up the discount. After that I was sent a discount code, which we then posted on our wedding website and included in our invitations. In fact, it was much easier than setting up the hotel room blocks! I know many of our guests have already taken advantage of the airfare discount.

Did you set up group travel or other discounts for your out of town guests?

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