Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dressing the Cheetah Guys

Now that Mr. Cheetah's suit is all squared away, we're moving to the next item on the wedding apparel checklist: groomsman suits.

Mr. Cheetah has 6 groomsmen and we want their suiting to be similar to Mr. Cheetah's look. So we are searching for slim fitting black two-button suitsthe problem is we are looking reasonable priced (under $200) suits in a large range of sizes, and it's no easy task. 6' 5" Baby Bro Cheetah needs an extra long suit...and those babies ain't easy to find.

While at home for the holidays my brothers and I decided to start The Great Cheetah Guys Suit Hunt.

Up First: Macy's

One word: FAIL. The sales associate we dealt with was unbelievably rude. He did not seem to agree with our tastes and was reluctant to bring us anything in a slim fit. Once we finally found a suit we liked, he dismissed the ill fit on Baby Bro Cheetah and started writing up the sale (with no go ahead from us). When the tailor also mentioned that the suit didn't fit I asked to see a different size. The sales associate then turned and yelled in my face. We left immediately.

Second Shop: Men's Wearhouse

Here we had a non-yelling associate who was willing to find my brothers' proper sizes. However, the only option that met our price point was very boxy and got a thumbs down from the Cheetah bros.

I was getting pretty discouraged about groomsmen suits, but a couple days later we decided to hit up the local Jos. A. Bank. The sales associate we dealt with, Allan, was awesome. He helped us find this suit below:

The Cheetah Bros making silly faces for the camera.
Personal Photo

It's not a slim fit, but it is closer fitting than most of the standard suits we've seen and it runs $200 on sale. It's our best option so far, but I'm still on the lookout for something better.

Any advice on where to find black two-button slim-fit suits for under $200?

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