Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Cheetah Girls: Ordering the Dresses!

You know how good it feels when you cross a big item of your wedding to-do list? I got that sweet feeling today when we ordered the bridesmaid dresses for the Cheetah Girls! We went with Priscilla of Boston dresses in crinkle chiffon from Bella Bridesmaid (with a nice 10% discount for our large order).

personal photo

Two ladies will be ordering the first dress, the second dress is the most popular as four Cheetah Girls will be wearing it, MOH Sister Cheetah will be in the third dress (that drape-y part is actually a strap that goes over one shoulder), and finally, one woman will be in the last number.

The long dresses will be shortened to knee length and all the dresses will be in the pewter color below.

Here is a dress in the pewter color with our palette
(personal image)

We decided to go with the pewter over the pink (thanks for your help with that, hive!), for two reasons: 1) pink shoes, and 2) pink bouquets. I love the idea of having pink shoes and flowers really pop against the grey dresses, and inspirations photos like these below are all I need to convince me.

It wouldn't be right for me to write a post about bridesmaid dresses without some glorious photos, so feast your eyes on these beauties:

What color dresses and shoes are you putting your bridesmaids in?

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