Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Our Wedding Officiant!

As we approach the 100 day mark, we need to start hammering out some of the details—like the ceremony. You know, just the little thing that actually makes us married. Thankfully we figured who would be performing the ceremony at the beginning of our planning.

In California, people can be ordained online, or even temporarily deputized in order to perform wedding ceremonies, so we wanted someone close to both of us to perform our civil ceremony. Enter our close friend, BW. BW went to high school with Mr. Cheetah and I have known her since I first moved to California. A few years ago BW casually mentioned that she would love to officiate our wedding when the day came. Hurrah--A wedding decision made years before either of us had engagements on the brain!

BW is a wedding superstar. She herself has been a bridesmaid at least a dozen times! She is a teacher and has a theater background, so she’ll be very comfortable speaking in front of all our guests. And most importantly, she is an amazing person who knows us both alone and together.

The Cheetahs & BW

BW has a deep rooted love for all things Dr. Pepper, so Mr. Cheetah I and decided to work that into asking her to be our officiant. After a glamour photo shoot with a couple old fashioned bottles of Dr. Pepper at the beach, we had a nice glossy photo perfect for BW. We printed out a little banner asking her to be our officiant and simply taped it atop the picture.

the framed photo

BW must’ve liked it because she said yes--even though she had long forgotten offering to marry us years ago!

How did you choose your officiant?

all personal photos

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