Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An International Love Story

Bridesmaid Buenos Aires and her new husband (!!!) have an amazing love story that evolved over three continents.

Here is the beautiful couple on their wedding day:

A few years ago BA decided to move to Argentina for a year to teach English. She had an amazing time there and became friends with many people, including a great guy named R. After the year was up, BA moved back to her hometown of Chicago. A few months later R decided to move to Paris, and he stopped in Chicago to visit BA on the way. It was there that their friendship evolved into something more—they had a wonderful time together, but it was just a few days. Neither BA nor R knew if it would ever be anything more. He was in Paris, she was in Chicago. They kept in touch, but weren’t officially a couple until BA went to visit him in France a couple months later. So when R moved back to Argentina, BA soon followed. About 2 months ago R popped the question with a strawberry ring pop. Just last month BA & R got married at the Buenos Aires courthouse followed by a fabulous celebration at their home. Next year they will have a 2nd reception in Chicago to celebrate with BA’s family and friends.

It breaks my heart that I couldn’t be there at the wedding, so until I can toast the newlyweds at their American reception, I will pour over their glorious photos from the day:

The super hot bride in her awesome dress

The ceremony:

1st kiss!

Upon leaving the courthouse the newlyweds were showered with rice:

Husband and Wife:

Love this photo!

Intense storms were forecasted for the wedding day, but according to a South American tradition if you stick a knife in the ground, it'll prevent rain. I guess it worked, because they only had sprinkles all day!

The Party & the Details:

Can you believe they planned this whole wedding in just a couple short weeks? BA is a wedding superstar!

The proof that the newly married couple threw a great party? At the end of the night they looked like this:

Woo-hoo! Congratulations BA & R!!!

all photos from Bridesmaid BA

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