Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheetah: Then and Now

My wedding in March isn’t the first time I’ve walked down a long aisle in a white dress while carrying a bouquet of flowers…

We look like brides, don't we?—but nope, it's just me and my friend T at our high school graduation.

I haven’t been married before. That photo is from my high school graduation. The school is over a hundred years old and doesn’t do the normal caps and gown thing. Even though it’s a public school, the graduations are quite fancy, with all the girls in long white dresses carrying flowers and all the boys in tuxes with white jackets and boutonnieres. Basically it looks like a mass wedding:

Proof that it was graduation:

See, it even says "proof" on the photo!

So, how has this cheetah changed since her days in high school? Lets see…

My high school wheels:

In high school I was one of the few among my friends to have a car (and a licence), so I drove everywhere. Now, I'm glad to leave to driving to others.


Then: Travel. Before the age of 13 I hadn’t left the Midwest! In high school I visited both coasts, Colorado, the Virgin Islands and Japan—and I wanted more.

Now: I’ve been lucky to visit many other places, but I’d love to see more!

Favorite Hobby

Then: Watching The Real World, discovering aol, talking on the phone, anything arty.

Now: Blogging!

On Fashion

Then: I have to admit that when I think back on the teenage me, the first things I think about are, in fact, my clothes. I was super into fashion; I pretty much dressed like Cher from Clueless (except without the hats and with a much lower price point).

Cher from Clueless:

I loved skirts and dresses and hardly ever wore pants (lets remember that pants didn’t quite lose the ‘mom-jean’ look until the early 2000s), here is a rare photo of me actually in pants (light blue velvet pants at that):

I also had really long hair back in those days

Now: I still enjoy fashion and clothes, but I’ve thrown out all my thigh high socks and I wear pants much more frequently. Whoa, I didn’t realize that was going to sound so dirty!

Holiday Wishlist Item

Then: Leather Guess Jacket. And a disc-man ;)

Now: Hunter rainboots. And maybe a Yudu.

Favorite TV Show

Then: Beverly Hills 90210

Now: Toss up between Glee, Top Model, The Office

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Then: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

Now: Does Pinkberry count… even though it’s not even ice cream? No? Then I pick vanilla or green tea.

Where I Wanted to Live

Then: I was determined to go to college in either New York or California.

Now: After going to undergrad in Santa Barbara, I moved to LA and I love it!

Celebrity Crush

Then: Paul Rudd

Now: Paul Rudd

Thoughts on My Future Mate

Then: I thought we’d meet at 25. We’d date for two years, and then move in together.

Now: Mr. Cheetah and I met at 18, started dating at 20, moved in together right before I turned 22. I never thought I’d meet him so young!

Thoughts on Marriage

Then: I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to get married, but if I did I wanted it to be around age 30 (check!).

Now: I’m so excited to marry Mr. Cheetah! But I also believe marriage is a personal decision that should be open to all.

all personal photos except where noted

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