Monday, November 1, 2010

Think of the Children!

As a little girl I always wanted to be a flower girl, but alas, I never was. I was pretty disappointed and annoyed when a few years ago my mother confessed that I had been asked to be a flower girl not once, but twice. Each time my mom told the bride and groom no because I’d “ruin the wedding.” Yes, that is a direct quote. Apparently both times I was asked was during my terrible twos, but I like to think I could have behaved for those couple minutes down the aisle—I would’ve been so excited! At least my mom seems to have more confidence in me now that I’ve grown out of training pants.

After much thought and consideration, Mr. Cheetah and I have decided against having children in our wedding party. As crazy pants adorable as they are, it just doesn’t make sense for our wedding. We want to keep the plan for the wedding day as simple as possible, and as awesome as kids are, they can complicate things. Our wedding party is already large and we are planning a modern and sophisticated wedding without many traditions. While we do know some adorable youngsters, we aren’t leaving anyone out by excluding children from the wedding party—I don’t have any nieces or nephews and Mr. Cheetah’s family is all grown. Although I know it’s the right decision for us it does make me a bit sad that I won’t be picking out a big fluffy flower girl dress and we won’t have charming photos like these:

Are you guys having children in your wedding? Were you in any weddings as a child?

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