Friday, November 19, 2010

More Invitation Inspiration

This Cheetah is on the hunt. My prey: awesome and unique invitation inspiration.

As much as I adore all things paper, I'm digging the idea of putting wedding invitations on a different material, such as fabric or even wood.

This wedding invite is looking pretty on a vintage handkerchief! Wouldn't it be awesome if your guests brought the invitation to the wedding and used it to dry their misty eyes during the ceremony?

I love how this invitation is the expected shape and size, but the fact that it's printed onto fabric really adds a wow factor.
This invitation is printed on real wood veneer!

I do still love paper though, and lately I have been gravitating towards booklet invites.

This one is simple and sweet. Plus, check out the awesome wood grain paper!

I'm a huge fan the clean, modern design of this booklet:

I'm in love with the book-like layout of this invitation. Each page says "Our Story Begins" along the top.

Did you pick an unusual material or layout for your invitations?

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