Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You're (maybe) Invited!

The hardest part of planning this wedding, or as my dad referred to it the other day "that little party you're organizing," is the guest list.

Mr. Cheetah and I want a semi-intimate wedding. We want to include all of our family and closet friends, we want to know (and like) all the guests, and we want it small enough where we can at least greet everyone personally. Out first draft of the guest list was around 150. Our venue maxes out around 140--it seemed like a perfect fit. But we should've known it wasn't going to be so easy. We realized that we had forgotten some people from our original guest list. Plus there were obligatory invites we overlooked. And of course our parents keep wanting to add... and add, and add... So we are left with a very tight A list, and an ever growing B list. For some reason we even have a short C list. Don't get me started on the dreaded Plus One debate. Don't even get me started.

We have a bunch of friends hovering on the B list, and I find myself avoiding them. I don't want to talk about the wedding around them, or indicate in any way whether or not they are invited--since we don't even know yet. I feel so guilty that I haven't made plans with any of the "B listers" in a couple months. I'm likely over thinking everything, I'm sure most of our friends would understand and may not even expect to be invited. I've realized that it's just guest-list-paranoia, so I'm going to stop worrying about it.

Is anyone else suffering from guest-list-paranoia?

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