Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Celeb Wedding Crushes

Do you have a celebrity wedding that you just feel connected to? Whether you love the wedding styling, a particular aspect (locale or dress perhaps), or maybe you just like the celebrities themselves? There were a slew of celebrity weddings this summer (Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff, Alicia Keys, Emily Deschanel, Emily Blunt & John Krasinski just to name a few), but the celebrity wedding I was most excited for was Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky’s.

I’ve always somehow oddly related to Chelsea Clinton. Maybe it’s because we’re about the same age and we were going through our awkward junior high school years at the same time. Whatever it is, I was so excited for her recent wedding. So as soon as the pictures were released I was googling the heck out of them. Check them out:

I don’t understand how they made all those awesome fabric swirls on the dress, but I loves them!

Look how happy they look!

The new fam:

Bride & Groom! And I want that beaded sash... hmm, maybe it could be my something borrowed... PM me Chelsea :)

all photos from People.com

It would have made my year to be a guest at this wedding! This is the closest we Americans get to a Royal wedding—Well, a Trump wedding may count too ;).

Do you have a favorite celebrity wedding?


  1. Their wedding was super beautiful! I love the sash on her dress, too, and have actually sent replicas of it sold on.... etsy, I believe.

    I need to start looking up celebrity weddings, it's been ages!

  2. Oh, I should look on etsy for similar sashes, thanks for the tip!