Thursday, October 14, 2010

Propping it Up

Not exactlly the kind of props I’m talking about.

Our engagement pictures with our amazing photographer (I’ll tell you about her soon) are fast approaching and we still need to decide what we are wearing and pick the final locations, but right now I keep thinking about whether or not we should bring any props.

Props can be simple, such a balloon or umbrella:

photos by Amelia Lyon, found here

Or you can use props to stage elaborate scenes like this adorable picnic with our own Mrs. & Mr. Socks:

Aren't they adorable?
Photo by Georgi Anastasov found here

Another sweet picnic:
Photo by Laura Leslie Photography found

And check out this fiesta styled shoot:

Photo by Sarah Yates found here

But there is also something so classic about photos with just the couple:

photo by Kim Fox

Part of me thinks having some sort of prop (I’m partial to heart shaped balloons and umbrellas, but I think a pile of books or cupcakes could also work well) will give us something to focus on during while we are striking a pose, but I also worry that we’ll be awkward with the props and have a hard time looking natural while trying to hold up an umbrella or the likes. Mr. Cheetah and I don’t have a lot of experience in front of the camera so we are hardcore studying by watching America’s Next Top Model. After another episode or two I hope to have my “smizing” down. ;)

As for the props, I think I might just throw some things in the car, and if we use them great, and if not, well that’s fine too. And is it bad that I think the Groucho Marx glasses and nose that Carrot Top is modeling might actually be cute in engagement photos?

Where do you stand: Props or no props?

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  1. Ahh, I'm kinda back and forth with props, too! I do think I'm going to use my black and white polka dot umbrella for a couple pictures and then mainly stick to "just the couple" shots.

    Then again, I could change my mind.. Lord knows I do that enough.

    HAHA! I assited a photographer on a shoot one time and she kept telling the client "SMILE WITH YOUR EYES!" and it totally made me think of America's Next Top Model.