Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Cheetah Girls: Picking the Dress(es)

Bridesmaid GF came to visit this week and in addition to drinking extra strong mojitos and watching 3 straight hours of Say Yes to the Dress we also visited Bella Bridesmaid to check out the top bridesmaid dress contenders.

Due to the great styles, colors, fabric, and price point, it looks like the Cheetah Girls will be dressed in Priscilla of Boston dresses in crinkle chiffon. The very lovely Bridesmaid GF models some of the options below:

This dress shows the pewter color that we may go with:

The other color option, rose petal:

A couple of the other Cheetah Girls are with child, so GF made a “baby bump” to see if the style below would work for the preggos. Unfortunately Priscilla of Boston does not have a designated maternity dress (every line should have at least one maternity option!), so making sure this dress would work over baby bellies was vital in being able to chose this line of dresses.

I love Bridesmaid GF’s shocked expression at seeing herself in the mirror with the fake baby bump ;)

And here is the same dress, in yellow and sans faux baby bump:

This was Bridesmaid GF's fave style (doesn't she look awesome in it?):

And here is what it would look like shortened (our helpful consultant is holding it up in back):

I always pictured having short bridesmaid dresses for my ladies, but so many of these options look great in long! Most of the long dresses would look great shortened, but that is an extra alteration to worry about. I’m still leaning towards the short dresses, but if each lady prefers a long style, we’ll just leave them long.

So Hive, which do you prefer, Short or Long bridesmaid dresses?

And, just for fun and because I can’t resist, here are some ridiculously awesome bridesmaid dresses:

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