Monday, October 25, 2010

Everything Counts in Small Amounts

In just a couple short weeks we will be just 4 months away from the Cheetah Wedding. I haven’t had a time freak-out yet (I’m expecting one of those when it actually hits 2011. “Happy New Ye—Holy Pickle Shoes! Our wedding is in 2 months! Stop the party—where is my wedding binder and my best pinking shears!”).

I’m actually feeling pretty good about what we have planned so far. We have a venue, photographer, my dress, a florist, a DJ… most of the big stuff. What I am worried about is all the little things, all the fabulous details we obsess over for months and months that can help personalize a wedding (and that may or may not be noticed by the wedding guests). I know I want lots of details: cute little straws, awesome escort cards, out of town bags, programs… the list goes on and on…

Some awesome details:

But I’m afraid. Afraid of committing. Not to Mr. Cheetah, of course, but to the design of all these little things. I’m so afraid I’m going to spend lots of time and money creating some fabulous little thing only to decide a month later that it doesn’t go with our overall look. That I will use the bold sans serif font when should have used the swirl-y script font. That I'll print out dozens of items and later decide that one the colors is off. But time is dwindling down and I’ve got to get crafting. My plan right now is to start designing the invitations and use that as the design model/spring board for all the other details. Now I just have to commit to an invitation design…

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