Monday, October 11, 2010

Deja Venue!

Sorry about the title, but hey, I like cheesy puns. Mmm Cheesy puns...

At the end of the summer Mr. Cheetah and I spent a couple days in Palm Springs so we could meet with potential wedding vendors. It was a packed couple of days; we met with 4 florists, 2 DOCs, a DJ, scoped out 3 potential rehearsal dinner spots, looked for photo locations, and taste tested some cupcakes (one of the best parts of wedding planning, no doubt). We stayed at the Viceroy—for the first time—and it was awesome-pants! We fell in love with our venue all over again and we got extra super-duper excited for our wedding there! The staff took great care of us, and the two managers we’re working with even sent up free champagne and chocolate strawberries (which lasted all of two minutes before I put them all in my belly, where they belong).

Here are a bunch of photos so you can understand why we fell in love with The Viceroy for a second time.

Our room:

The bathroom:

View from our balcony:

Here’s the ceremony site—I am so pumped to get hitched here—Cheetah-style!

The doors I’ll hide behind (aka standing in the street) before walking down the aisle:

Cocktail hour by the pool:

Dinner will be here:

Opposite view of the dinner area:

Dancing will be through these doors:

I am so glad Mr. Cheetah and I decided to spend some time at our venue months before the wedding. It was off-season, so we got a great deal on our room. We were able to meet with some of our future vendors and we got to know our wedding locale much better. We even got lucky with the weather—it was a freakishly cool late summer weekend for Palm Springs—which means mid-upper 90˚s. Hey, it’s the desert—that’s cool for late summer.

The night before we left we got a couple drinks at the bar and walked around the Viceroy property talking about how we will get married in this spot, eat our first married meal in that space, dance with our family and friends in those rooms. We feel so comfortable and happy at the Viceroy and walking around imaging our future wedding there was so much fun and also kind of romantic.

Viceroy, we love you! See you soon!

If you get a chance to spend some time at your venue pre-wedding, you should totally do it!

PS—I wanted to show you the roadrunner we saw on our Palm Springs trip:

I call him Larry.

*all personal photos*

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  1. Oh wow, that place is too beautiful!

    Jealous over here! LOL!