Friday, October 8, 2010

The Cheetah Girls: Searching for the Dress

I’ve narrowed down the choices for bridesmaid dresses to these three:

America the Beautiful


"Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high, take a look it's in a book..."

Aqua Surprise!

Okay, I’m obviously joking, but I do love America. And the ‘80s. And Snooki dressed as Cinderella for Halloween?

Dressing my bridesmaids—or Cheetah Girls, as I like to call them—has been more difficult than finding my dress—but I do love looking at dresses, so I’m not complaining. The 8 amazing women standing up for me have been delightful BMs and they all say they’ll wear whatever I want. But I know they all have different styles and preferences and I want them to be comfortable with the dresses they’re buying. The control freak event planner in me is not willing to totally give up control however, so I won’t let the Cheetah Girls wear whatever they want (kudos to the brides who can do that!).

My plan is to let my ladies pick their favorite style from a few options all in the same color, fabric, and length. I also want to keep the dresses under $200 ($150 if possible) and there needs to be maternity options.

There are a lot of wonderful lines of bridesmaid dresses, but as I’m finding out—when it comes to fabrics and colors I’m pretty picky. Picky like a fox! Wait—I mean Cheetah! Picky like a Cheetah.

Option 1

Aria Dress

3 above images all from Aria Dress

Love, love these styles. Bridesmaid WD40 and I visited their Pasadena store and she looked absolutely gorgeous in their styles. However I’m not really digging the fabrics. I don’t want anything shiny (it just doesn’t feel right for an outdoor desert wedding), and most of their options are shiny. Boo.

Option 2

Priscilla of Boston – Dresses in crinkle chiffon



Gorgeous fabrics, gorgeous colors--but a limited number of styles.

Option 3

Amsale – Dresses in crinkle chiffon

3 above images all from Amsale

Love the fabric, love the designs. Don’t love the $250+ price tag.

Option 4

Alfred Angelo – Dresses in chiffon

3 above images all from Alfred Angelo

These dresses have the best prices, but even with their 55 color choices, I can’t find one that is just right. Plus these dresses take a little longer to come in so if we want these I needed to have ordered them yesterday.

Are your bridesmaids all wearing the same dress or do you have varying dress styles?

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